Monday, March 28, 2005

Can anybody answer this?

Michael Schiavo keeps on insisting that he wants Terri to die for no other reason than that he wants to be faithful to her wishes. For the sake of argument presume he is correct in stating that Terri would have wanted to die (which is questionable). If he is so adamant about being faithful to this wish, why has he in fact acted against her other wish, expressed publicly in front of many witnesses on the day of their marriage: that he be faithful to her, in sickness as well as in health, until death? It's a public fact that Michael has been living with another woman for some years now and has had two children with her. Does anybody else see an inconsistency here? If his only motivation in going through ten long years of legal battles has been to honor Terri's wishes, why does he so lightly disregarded her other wish that he should be faithful to her?

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