Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Emergency appeal for Terri

A reader informed me about that the 11th circuit appeals court will hear an emergency appeal for Terri. It's a strange coincidence--an eleventh hour appeal to the 11th circuit! It's the same court that denied two motions last time. But one judge on that court, Judge Wilson, issued an outstanding dissent and said clearly that there would be "no harm" in putting back Terri's feeding tube while all the issues are considered.

Judge Wilson mentioned something called the "All Writs Act" which is a "special power of courts to issue orders in aid of their own jurisdiction." Last week (3/24) Andrew McCarthy had a good article about it explaining the legal aspects. (

I hope that Judge Wilson will be able to persuade his colleagues to side with him this time.

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Rae said...

Posted by richard at 03:41 PM EST today, Wednesday March 30:

The 11th District Court of Appeals has just announced that they will not consider the Schindler's request for a new hearing.

Oremus. And let us remember what Father Alberione once said:
The most terrible temptation is desperation, but the more common one is semi-desperation. Don't lose hope."


PS the Alberione quote was for me and all of us, Sister Lorraine. Remind everyone you talk to of what Blessed Alberione said, if they become discouraged by what is happening in Florida.