Thursday, March 31, 2005

Overcoming Sexual Terrorism

I heard a radio interview by Jake Goldenflame, the author of this new book. He is a former child molester who is now working to help protect children. The book's subtitle is "40 Ways to Protect Your Children from. Sexual Predators." His interview had two things of interest to Catholics:

1) In prison he went through a program to help turn his life around. While it involved psychological help, he said they were also taught about "ethics and morality."

2) After getting out of prison he took a trip to Brazil to put it all behind him. One day on the street a young boy came out of the shadows and approached him; it was a child prostitute. Suddenly all his urges came back. It would have been so easy, but he thought about how he wanted to rebuild his life and turned away. If he had given in, he would have fallen back into his downward spiral. It shows the power of one good choice.

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