Sunday, March 27, 2005

Who, me?

On Good Friday I took a walk around a nearby large pond, in a public park. It's a lovely spot I enjoy often walking in. At one point I noticed a man standing by the side of the path. Something about him gave me a creepy feeling. As soon as I had walked a little bit past him, he called out after me "Child molester!" I just kept on walking (he was a lot bigger than me) and thankfully he didn't pursue me. The only reason he called me that was because I'm a Catholic nun (I wear a habit so I'm easily identified as one).
I've been called a lot of things in my life, but this was the first time anyone ever called me a child molester. I could just dismiss it and assume he's a crackpot. But isn't it sad that to at least some people, the first thing they think of when seeing a priest or nun is "child molester."! It will take a long time for the fallout from the scandal to be overcome.
On the few occasions during the year when I get to visit Scituate, I like to walk down the road to the lighthouse, right along the water. It goes past the house where John Geoghan used to live. Whenever I pass it, it reminds me of how a priest who did in fact molest children was allowed to do so much damage. Tolerance of such evil is no virtue.


Gen X Revert said...

Thank you for wearing your habit and enduring this Sr. The Daughters of St. Paul are awesome - I once went on retreat on Staten Island with the men, but your nuns gave a presentation and joined us for Mass and they were inspiring. It will be religious such as you that will help overcome the problems left behind by the Scandals. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Saw this at Gen X site. Thank you Sister, for your visible witness to Christ. And keep in mind there are some big 6 foot plus catholics like me who wouldn't take to kindly to a stranger calling a religious something like you experienced.

tony c said...

Why do I get the feeling you were in Jamaica Plain and not Brookline? I wonder if the Greek Orthodox get the same treatment? I guess not...the townies probably think they're Muslims or Rabbis. (I lived in Boston for many years.)

Blessed are you. And hang in there.

Gordon said...

Thank you for your witness, Sister.