Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Church and drama

Yesterday waiting for the new pope to come out, I was struck by how dramatic the whole scene was: the white smoke, the bells tolling, the crowds pouring into St. Peter's, the great, suspenseful buildup. Everyone was focused on the window just waiting to see who would walk out. It was all so dramatic. Because the Catholic Church is a sacramental church, it's a dramatic church, and a liturgical church. I hope that those who are more familiar than I am with media and drama would comment on that.


Sixtina87 said...

Yeah Sister, I would agree that it was a little dramatic. It was very dramatic here at school while waiting for the new Pope to come out. We were making jokes so to speak when the Cardinal came out to annouce that we had a new Pope. i can remember my first thought when i saw the Pope when he first came out, I'm glad I didn't say it outloud becauxse there was a Sister next to me, "he's old!!!" Mom was yelling last night to my father, "he's scary!!!!" Just a little dramtic!!!! I would say!!!

Andy said...

What has been more dramatic to watch is the reaction by those who oppose moral and theological absolutes. They have to continually remind their listeners/viewers that they are Catholic because their actions and words are totally opposed to what the Church teaches. All their pipe dreams for a "liberal" Pope who would somehow change the moral teachings of the Faith are so silly. They do this from a democratic mindset, totally oblivious to God's plan for the deposit of Faith and the Magisterium. They forget that the Church is not the United States. In these people I have all the drama I can stand.

BTW, Sister, you have a nice blog.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Thank you both for your interesting comments. Andy's certainly right that the reaction to the new pope has been very dramatic! Some of the news stories have been rather negative. The ironic thing is that Pope John Paul taught the same Gospel and upheld all the teachings of the Church, even the difficult ones. It's not as if a change of pope will mean the Church changes its teachings.

Sixtina87 said...

thats true