Monday, April 04, 2005

Great website

For more information on the papacy in general, John Paul II in particular, and on a papal election, check out the Daughters of St. Paul website:

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edscargo said...

Dear Marianne,
Bear with this fool who desires to share a stream of biblical consciousness prompted by the excellent media coverage:All Worship,adoration,praise,laud,honor,thanksgiving and love belongs to God alone.
God saw that all he had done was good and so he rested from what he had done as now my holy father is resting and the red back of Christ is seen collected as one Curial Body around the bier-and now,as Joyce would say,"Here Comes EveryBody" as torrents of Love in the heart of every pilgrim flows into St.Peter's.This is the river of living waters,so few of us only dip our toes.Yet,this is surely a sweet taste of the heavenly Jerusalem come down to us from a generous albeit jealous God a beautiful peek into the life of the Blessed Trinity.I wonder if others have similiar associations?Again in strict justice,All Glory belongs to God the Great Holy Father,Creator of all who rests from all his work; to Jesus His only Son and Word and Wisdom who tenderly guides His Bride and to His Holy Spirit who dwells in all hearts for endless ages.Meanwhile,my soul magnifies the Lord.........-I'm a Virgo-Thanks Ed