Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Here comes everybody!

Someone who posted a comment reminded me about the famous line from James Joyce, "Here comes everybody!" A wonderful older priest who used to celebrate Mass at our convent would often quote that line in relation to the Church. Seeing the pictures from Rome, with millions of people from all over the world crowding in to see the Pope's body, is a vivid reminder of how catholic--universal--the Church really is. Everybody is welcome in the Church, sinners and saints alike. Pope John Paul lived that message through the kindness he showed to each and every person, because he saw in all of them the image of God and of Christ.
Here comes the Church--here comes everybody!


Joanne said...

When we teach the gifts of the Holy Spirit to our Confirmandi, we use a definition of wisdom that means, "to see as God sees." We should cultivate that wise vision whenever we look on a fellow human, that is certainly a noble goal for all of us.

I am struck when looking at the crowds in Rome, of how ordinary everyone looks. No dignitaries, very few glimpses of the rich and famous. Faces that could be our sisters, brothers, or schoolmates. They are just from so many other countries.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe there is going to be a partial eclipse on the day of the Pope's funeral - according to via Drudge.