Tuesday, April 12, 2005

John Paul's legacy

With all the talk about John Paul's legacy, I've noticed an interesting contradiction. Some commentators say that John Paul neglected the inner workings of the Church and allowed dissent and disobedience to Church teaching to flourish. They blame him for not being strong enough in bringing the Church back to order. Others say, instead, that he tried to micromanage the Church, overly centralize his authority and control everything. Some even claim that he tried to undo the reforms of Vatican II and go back to an 0ld-style church.
The proponents of each of these views are coming out of very different perspectives. Where do you think the truth lies?


Teresa O'Neal said...

Well, people criticized Jesus for not doing things the way they wanted it done, too. The fact that John Paul II is being criticized by both ends of the spectrum probably indicates he was doing everything right.

Leslie Fain said...

Hi Sister,

We like your blog! We recently got ours up and running. The blog ties in with our Catholic literary magazine, Hereditas . Be sure to tell the other sisters about it. We are accepting submissions for fiction and poetry.

Sixtina87 said...

Hi Sister, i had jsut found your blog, I am looking at others as well, i as still trying to figure out my own blog about religious life and my journey towards Christ. I have noticed that you have written alot baout the Pope, have you met him when he was alive??? What impacts has he made in your life??? Mnay people and myself declare John paul a Saint, do you?? and Why?? He is truly a great man and very inspiring!!!! God Bless Sister!!!!!

Jeff Miller said...

The charge that he was any kind of micro-manager or ruled with an iron fist are just laughably false. For the most part he was no diciplinarian so it is probably closer to the truth that he was soft on dissenters. There is always a tension between punishing dissent and hoping that the sinners repents so that no action is required. Regardless though he will always be John Paul II the Great to me.


Teresa O'Neal said...

Hi Sister,

What do you think of the reports in the media that Ratzinger is in the lead? I thought the cardinals were excommunicated if they do any talking. Do you think the reporters know anything, or is all this speculation?

God bless, Teresa