Thursday, April 21, 2005

Kathleen, RIP

This morning I was very surprised to receive an email from a gentleman I haven't seen in over 28 years. He came across my blog. Marty was head of the Catholic Evidence Guild in NY City, which I belonged to for a while before I entered the convent. He's still busy evangelizing but now he does it on the Internet and has brought several people into the Church.
But he mentioned that another member named Kathleen died around the late 80's. I had lost contact with her and feel bad that I didn't know it before now. She couldn't have been more than 50 when she died, but she had diabetes and it took its toll.
Kathleen had married a fine man, Ray, and had a difficult pregnancy while expecting their first child. Due to her health complications, her little boy Augustine died a few days after birth. Of course they had had him baptized right away. I remember Kathleen telling us about it at a meeting where we were discussing heaven. Through her tears she said that while we were talking about the beatific vision, this little baby who lived such a short life was already enjoying it. Now I'm sure that Kathleen is right up there with Augustine enjoying it too. I hope she's praying for me and all of us who are still pilgrims along the way.
Thank you, Kathleen, for being one of the gifts in my life.


Anthony said...

Requiem aeternam dona eia, Domine;
et lux perpetuam luceat eia.

Marty Helgesen said...

Kathleen met Ray when he walked into a training meeting of the Catholic Evidence Guild to see what we were. Although he never became an outdoor speaker he attended meetings regularly. That evening the training talk was given by a woman who had joined the original Westminster CEG shortly before World War II and later moved to the United States when she married an American. Kathleen liked the talk so much that at the end of the meeting she asked me for a copy of the tape I had made. Therefore, they had a tape of their first meeting.

As for bringing people into the Church, I was one of several who helped. Cf. 1 Cor. 3:5-9.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Thanks for that info, Marty. I didn't realize they had that tape.