Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Leave your thoughts about the Pope

Please leave your own personal thoughts about Pope John Paul and his legacy.


Anonymous said...

In 1999 one month after major back surgery I accompanied my Neocatechumenatal community from Los Angeles, California to Loreto. A major part of our pilgrimage began and ended in Vatican City. We were greeted by the Holy Father along with many others, but when greeted we had permission to sing the Apostle's Creed in English to His Holiness. He applauded us. Imagine singing the Creed to our Holy Father and he listening.
I have been drawn to this great Pope through the Holy Spirit. In the year 2000 I returned to Rome to be in the Square on New Years 2001; to cross the holy door before it was again closed; to be in the presence (albeit crowd) to receive life from the faith and prayers of this Holy Pope. Again I returned to Rome in 2002; for the Cannonization of Blessed Arnold Jensen; I had the opportunity to be part of the crowd at the Square for the services and in the crowd for the private audience. Imagine thousands of people and yet each one of us feeling as if we were the only ones there. How is that possible? How is it possible to feel the magnetinism of this great, and Holy Man of God? I believe through the presence of the Holy Spirit. I pray that Spirit will always guide me, my children, my grandchildren and my community to our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ; as It did in leading me to John Paul II, the Great Holy Man of God.

Anita, Los Angeles

Teresa O'Neal said...

Hi Sister,

I think Pope John Paul II has been a wonderful servant of God, and fantastic example of Christian charity, not only to Catholics, but to people of all faiths, around the world. There have been so many people come into the Church because of this man, and I think his effect on the Church will be felt for many years to come.

It's been very interesting to me that conservatives, liberals and non-Catholics (and of course, orthodox Catholics like myself) have all had positive things to say about Pope John Paul II. Everyone has something good to say to about him, because he was so full of virtue. Excellent job on the blog, btw.

Deep Furrows said...

This article is a cut above the rest:

Anne said...

For me, JPII was the only Pope I really knew as he became Pope when I was 8 mo old. It's hard for me to visualize a new Pope, though I trust in the Holy Spirit's direction of a new one. I have no personal stories or meetings of the Holy Father, but I know his pontificate has only just begun impacting my spiritual life. I think his writings will continue to imspire me as I delve more deeply into all of his writings. He seemed to embody everything we are all called to: obedience, abandonment to the Divine will, and love of God and neighbor. I'm very moved by the outpouring of love for him from around the world and I now, more than ever, feel just how universal, how catholic our church is.