Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Persecution of Christians in China

Torture and persecution is a reality there

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Joanne said...

We are blessed in our parish to have a priest who was born in China and smuggled out while in seminary. He never saw his parents again, and only got to see one of his four sisters many years later when he returned to visit China (in the last decade). He gave sucha riveting homily once, telling us all about his vocation, and reminding us that people risked their lives to get to his sister's house where he said Mass while visiting. Here we are free to attend Mass, but many don't bother. In China, you could be jailed, tortured or killed for it.

He could not even visit the graves of his parents to say prayers because the Catholic cemetary had been demolished. His sister gave her best guess of the location of the graves so they could pray together.