Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI

Although Ratzinger's name was mentioned a lot before and during the conclave, I really wasn't expecting him to be elected. So I was surprised, but very happy. I think he's the Pope God wants us to have right now. He's been smeared a lot by people who label him as "ultra-conservative," but as head of the CDF he was only doing his job.
He's a very fine theologian in his own right. I'll be looking forward to reading his first encyclical. In the meantime I'll go and read some of his books.

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Anonymous said...

I quite agree, that as head of the CDF, the "gruff" or "ultra-conservative" Ratzinger had to be at the fore; I had to explain this to a non-Christian colleague today (I'm a grad student) who railed at the idea of Ratzinger as pope. I don't think this fellow cared, particularly; he'd already made up his mind. Thanks for your interesting observations, by the way! --Sean Henry.