Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Pope's Death

Please leave your own thoughts about Pope John Paul--remembrances, legacy, how he affected your life.


Anonymous said...

I owe him my life, the fate of my eternal soul.

His wisdom and words drew me from an atheistic and nihilist of little faith, to the Catholic Church - and straight to a remarkable Capuchin Brother and a Sister of the "Sisters of Mercy" who educated me, and were companions with me and my wife and son, in our conversion, baptism and entrance into full communion with the Church. I am now discerning my call to the Permanent Diaconate.

In the words of Christ as relayed by John:

"I have said this to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." -- John 16:33

Rae said...

"Be not afraid."

Over and over again during his papacy, the Holy Father repeated this message of assurance that God sent to us, through the words of his angels, in critical times of salvation history.

"Be not afraid." The Holy Father spoke the angelic message to this wonderful, wounded world time and again as he shepherded his flock during troubling times.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him. May the soul of Your servant Karol Wojtyla and the souls of all the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace, Amen.

Claw said...

John Paul the Great was our Rock. A true beacon of light. He guided the faithful and the lost. His vision was clear, his path was straigth. He loved us all.

John Paul brought us forward and kept us true. A gift from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

John Paul the Great, pray for us!

Jeff Miller said...

My own thougths are here.

By the way I love the new blog title - very appropriate.

Karen Smith said...

Our dear Pope has earned the title: John Paul the Great. He was loved and admired by people of all nationalities and religions. I will miss him tremendously!

Can we ever know how much he suffered to redeem souls for Christ? I feel he offered his life of pain and suffering to save the world. My 16-year-old son commented, "If anyone went to Heaven as soon as they died, it was Pope John Paul."

Heidi Hess Saxton said...

Dear Papa John Paul, we now entrust you to the angels
With all the rest, like you, poured out in living sacrifice.

May Our Lady take you by the hand, and lead you to our Brother,
And may the Son rejoice to hear her speak your name.

May you adore, in beloved company long anticipated,
And receive your just reward, and dance in jubilation
With the host from every nation, at the love-fest of the Lamb.

Holy Father, our Papa John Paul, please pray for us

tony said...

Why was Pope John Paul II taken from us? I miss him so.

He led his flock better than most, from his first parish to all the parishes. He demonstrated courage in the face of oppression. Courage spread over the land and the world is now closer to God. Hope never fades.

He prayed better than most. He told us to pray, he begged us to pray, and he showed us how to pray. He lived life like it mattered, in wonder and awe of the Blessed Trinity. He introduced us to heaven while here on earth, as all priests do, through the Eucharist.

He taught better than most. His message resonates with all who unselfishly love. The demand for human dignity is uncompromising. Life is preferred to death. His wisdom gives us direction.

He loved better than most. He loved Mary, the mother of God. He loved me. His piety inspires love.

He followed Christ’s example better than most. He lived for the Word. His suffering magnified the beauty of creation. He understood.

He responded to the Father’s will better than most. He illuminated truth. He unabashedly spoke. He called evil by its name. His counsel was just.

He was a better Christian than most. He defined Catholicism for our generation and generations to come. He loved our Church and beckons all to sing God’s praise joyfully. His knowledge flowed deep.

Pope John Paul II has left us because it was time. Who will open their hearts to the gifts of the Holy Spirit as he did? With the grace of God we all can. I am not afraid.

Holy Mary, mother of God, Pope John Paul the Great, all the Saints and you my brothers and sisters pray for our Cardinals as they discern who shall be the next Pope. May the Holy Spirit be with them in the Sistine Chapel and guide the conclave. May they elect for the good of the faithful. We all joyfully await the announcement to come.