Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Save Joan of Arcadia

Over at her blog, Karen Hall is asking readers to sign a petition to save Joan of Arcadia. It's in danger of being cancelled next season. I linked to it here too.


Will said...

Is there any reason to think that CBS pays any attention to these "petition sites"? A "petition" which has no indication of when it is going to be "delivered" or to whom? has lots of trenchant remarks on these sites in its comments on "slacktivism".

Anyway, I am disappointed by the show's watered-down newagey pseudo-theology, which avoids specifics in the quest to not OFFEND anyone... no matter how many people this approach DOES offend. I would rather see it handled by our "pet" atheist Straczynski.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Hi Will,
I don't know if they really pay attention to the petitions or not, but at least it's making a statement. Karen Hall (Some Have Hats) knows more about the show than I do since her sister is a main writer for it. I think the show makes a good attempt at raising the level of entertainment to something more substantial than other shows centered on sex and violence.

Anonymous said...

I will miss this show...I hope another network will pick up and CBS will sadly miss out. The best show going and I was totally dismayed.. How could they????

Wondering why in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Hello -

I have created a petition concerning the cancellation of Joan at the following website:

This petition will be delivered to CBS, provided there are enough signatures.

Please spread the word. Our voices CAN be heard. I believe it - thank you for your time!!


Anonymous said...

HANKGUERIN said it best when he posted:

"We need to bombard the powers that be with our letters. A few years ago there was another show on television that was going to be canceled after the first seasonl The show was called Roswell and the fans managed to save the show for 2 more seasons...not by signing petitions but by bombarding the powers that be with bottles of tabasco. Anyone who ever watched Roswell knows well the reason Tabasco was chosen. Quite simply it was a trademark of the show and thus personal to it, as well as inexpensive enough as to allow fans to send cases at a time. It worked for Roswell and I believe it can work for JOA as well. We need to choose an item that is trademark of the show and bombard the powers that be with that item them that we will not silently allow this wonderful show to slip away without a fight."

Now I remember this incident, and it was only something like I think 6 or 7 thousand bottles, more people have signed the petitions, we can do this, it's an attainable for us to get 10,000 something to CBS and let them know we don't agree. We just need to decide what that something is.

I was thinking an inexpensive item, print off pictures from online of Joan talking to god. I googled "JOAN OF ARCADIA GOD" and found one of joan with the little girl, and one of joan with the cute boy. We could say pick any picture you want, and sent that in an envelope with "Save Joan" or something like it written across the bottom.

However, that isn't an item like tabasco sauce so if anyone has any other ideas, please share. But we need to decide and we need to decide now. Then we need to act and spread the word that that is what we are doing.

Come on you guys, we can do this!

Anonymous said...

You can go to to email CBS directly and ask them to save the show. Please let's do it!

CDN JOA Fan said...

I read on another site where someone suggested sending scarves (like Joan had knit) with a note attached saying "We are all Connected." Online petitions are great in theory, but I think if they are physically bombarded with Snail Mail it would help more. I'm a wife with 4 boys and I would much rather have my sons watching Joan of Arcadia, as there is so much crap on TV (rat eating on Fear Factor, anyone?) that I cannot believe CBS would sink so low as to cancel something so smart and thought provoking.

Arcadia said...

I am losing faith in society today, teenagers, and our world. When shows like this are cancelled I feel so lost and betrayed. Only god can heal my hurt, I thank him for giving me what he could of Joan and will continue to fight for what I believe in, this show. I don't understand why Amber Tamblyn is so easily able to give up a show like this. I wish she would fight with us.