Friday, April 22, 2005

Vocations in Casoni, Italy

Today's Wall St. Journal had an article about the town of Casoni, Italy, which through the years has given the Church more than its share of priests and nuns. Even today, while the numbers aren't like those in the past, the town produces vocations.
Why? In the past, part of the reason may have been that the priesthood offered a means of education and a way of life different from the farm. But beyond that, the town takes pride in its vocations. Families feel honored when one of their children goes into the priesthood or religious life. Parents support their children's religious vocations. As one woman, Paola Dalle, says, "It was a gift from God to have a child who became a priest or nun."

As we know from our own vocational work with young women, many parents in the US are dismayed at the prospect of a daughter entering the convent.

How do you think such attitudes can be overcome? What can we do to encourage vocations more?

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Claw said...

Children should grow-up hearing great stories of the religious. Instead, children get Donald Trump. Our society is so material focused that we can't see past our next paycheck. It is time to take a breath and value what is eternal.