Thursday, April 28, 2005

Watching the culture wars

David Parker, a 42 year-old-father, was arrested in Lexington, Ma after refusing to leave his son's school. He had gone to the school as a concerned parent because his 6 year-old son in kindergarten was being forced to read in class a book promoting alternative families, including homosexual unions.

Waiting to see how this story develops...

I just caught the end of a radio interview with Mr. Parker in which he mentioned that the singing of Christmas carols was not allowed at this school. So let me try and understand: kindergarteners have to be indoctrinated that homosexual unions are the equivalent of marriage, because to do otherwise would promote intolerance and hatred. But singing Christmas carols is taboo because it would foster that awful intolerant Christian religion that has the audacity to teach that marriage is between a man and a woman. But the secular religion, which is just as much a set of beliefs and a worldview, is not just tolerated but actively promoted.
We don't have separation of church and state. The state has adopted the religion of secular humanism.

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