Monday, May 16, 2005

1995, Mom with me (left) and Sr. Mary David


Leslie Fain said...

Awww, your mom looks so proud.

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

So what was your mom like? What was the most important thing she did to instill a strong faith in you?

Sr. Lorraine said...

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for your comments!
My mother was a person of deep faith and a devout Catholic all her life. My father also always wanted us to go to Catholic school even if it meant some financial sacrifice. They were both "ordinary" Catholics, though, I mean in the sense that while faith was important to them they weren't fanatical about it. My mom always had strong moral values that she instilled in us, so I think faith was more "caught" than "taught," as they say.
On my father's side, his mother was a strong Irish Catholic who had to endure anti-Catholic prejudice growing up in New York. So she had this unique brand of Irish Catholicism that blended faith with a salty attitude toward life. Here's what her morning prayers looked like: she would go into the kitchen, say "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph bless us all," and take a shot of whiskey! She lived to be 100 and was quite a character.