Monday, May 23, 2005

The Marian meeting

I just returned from the meeting of the Mariological Society, and will be about it this week. There were excellent talks given on the theme of Mary's Assumption and Queenship.

Here's one thought one of the priests mentioned in a homily. He was talking about how Mary symbolizes different things for us, all in a positive sense. The word "symbol" comes from the Greek, "sym" meaning "together," and "ballo" meaning "to throw." A symbol gets its meaning from various aspects "thrown" or gathered together. The word, "dia" means against, and "dia-ballo" --thrown apart--from which we get the word "diabolos" or in English, the devil. The devil is the one who breaks apart and destroys unity. Mary, instead, is the unifier who brings peace and harmony among people.
I like his comparison and it made me reflect on how Mary unites us and how things that divide people really come from the devil. How do you see it?


Joanne said...

would be very interested in more of your thoughts after this meeting.

I think we need to move toward a 21st century mariology that gets us past the untouchable, feet on the clouds Mary we came to know in the 50s and 60s. But we also need to rescue her from a lot of feminist weirdness.

And I must confess, I wish scripture left us more clues to the middle-aged, post pentecost Mary, and what she thought and felt during those years on earth before God called her home.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Hi Joanne,
A good source for Marian information is the Mary page at the University of Dayton:
It's done by the Marian library, and has excellent resources.
I will post more about the meeting this week as I get time.

xaipe said...

Figures that a mother would bring her family together, and an adversary would introduce disharmony, suspicion, accusation, etc.

Seismic said...

I am in sympathy with Mary.

Sympathy: "sym" meaning "together" and pathos meaning "way" or "path". Thus I am on the same path as Mary and have NO sympathy for the devil (eat your heart out Mick Jagger).