Monday, May 23, 2005

Mary's Queenship

I thought the best talk at the meeting was one given on Mary's Queenship by Professor Ted Sri. He teaches at St. Benedict College in Atchison, Kansas.
Prof. Sri said that the idea of Mary's queenship in the past was often explained in political terms. Theologians would look at what political ideas of queenship mean, and apply them to Mary.

But Vatican II called for Marian studies to be more Biblical. So he studied queenship in the Bible and focused on the theme of the Queen Mother found in ancient Israel. The woman who was married to the king wasn't important because he had many wives. But the king's mother--the Queen Mother--was the one who had power and authority. The Hebrew word for her is "Gebirah."
Prof. Sri looked at how St. Luke in his Gospel takes themes around the Davidic kingdom and uses them in the Annunciation and Visitation. For example, when Elizabeth calls Mary "the mother of my Lord," that title reflects the royal title used in 2 Sam. 24:21.

There was a lot more detail, but overall I found his idea of seeing Mary's queenship in these Biblical terms much more meaningful than using political categories.

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