Monday, May 16, 2005

Mom and Dad with Paul, my oldest brother, around 1949


Therese Z said...

All the hope in the world in those faces.

God bless your family.

Sr Rose Goes to the Movies said...

Sr Lorraine,

I just saw these pictures of your dear Mom... reminds me so much of that day so long ago at a conference on meeting on Long Island (1970's?) where we (Daughters of St Paul) were having a book display... I was in the ladies room, and I heard the outer door open, two ladies talking, and all of a sudden - "It's a nun!" Your mom had looked under the stall to see if anyone was in there, and she saw black fabric that she deduced to be a nun's habit. So hilarious... When I came out of the stall I was feeling kind of shy and your mom yelled out, "It's a Daughter! I am Mary Ann's mother and this is my friend..." It was so funny. She was so outgoing and kind. May she rest in peace.

Sr Rose