Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More on the elderly nuns

I had the opportunity to visit the elderly Dominican nuns again, and they were as lively as ever. The sisters told us some funny stories about some of the nuns who have passed away. One was named Sr. Regina Caeli ("Caeli" for short), and she used to hide her money in unlikely places in her room. So Sr Gerard told her, "Caeli, you'd better tell us where you hide your money because when you die, we're just going to get a dumpster and toss all your junk into it. We don't want to throw out the money by mistake!" So she reluctantly divulged her secret--it was hidden in the bottom of the waste paper basket.

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Sixtina87 said...

How cute Sister!!!!!! Why was she hiding the money anyways??? I think thats funny how she wouldn't tell them at first and then gave up!!!!!!! Any other good stories from the SIsters????