Sunday, May 08, 2005

Waiting for the Spirit

Today at Mass the priest said something that got me thinking about this idea of waiting for the Spirit. Right now we're in the original novena of prayer for the Spirit, which started after Ascension Thursday. So we're waiting. The priest said that we all know what the atmosphere in waiting rooms is like. Whether it's at a doctor's office, or the airport, or some other place, hardly anybody enjoys waiting. It's a chore to get through as we expect to reach our goal.
I have to admit that I really hate to wait, especially on lines at the store. I always pick the wrong one, in which someone has a problem and things get held up.
But waiting for the Spirit is a little bit different. It's a time of prayer and reflection, in which the desire we have for the Holy Spirit is stirred up. And God gives us grace in the measure that we desire it. If we really hunger and thirst for it, he bestows it in a greater abundance. I love that line in the Magnificat, "He has filled the hungry with good things." So in this time of waiting for the Holy Spirit to come, the Church is trying to stir up our desire for him and for grace.
How do you feel about waiting for the Spirit?

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