Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another crazy idea

This is off topic from religion, but I happened to see a news article about another crazy idea some scientists have come up with. They want to send up various things into space to create a belt that would cause shade around the equator, in an effort to stop global warming. It would have side effects like causing more light at night, plus whatever other ways it would disrupt the earth's normal climate. The price tag: a mere 6 trillion at the lowest estimate, and probably much, much more.

A few years ago the Russians tried to send up a giant space mirror that would light up Siberia during the dark winter. Thankfully, due to their incompetence, the idea came to nothing. It amazes me how these scientists think they can do things like this that will disrupt normal patterns of light, darkness, and weather, and think it's perfectly OK.

Why don't we spend the trillions of dollars to develop better energy sources that won't lead to global warming in the first place?


Anonymous said...

I do not think you have to worry about US govt spending that kind of money on that kind of effort any time soon. It is pretty much all we can do to spend hundereds of millions of dollars a year to keep the Space Station construction project moving forward and returning the shuttle to flight. Over the next 10 years NASA plans on spending several billion (not trillion) dollars going to the red planet. Much of that funding will come from Aeronautics research, so do not look for NASA to develop any fuel efficient jet engine technologies any time soon.

Happy fourth of July!

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