Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Archbishop Foley on the Internet

From the Vatican Information Service:
The archbishop stated that the Church must welcome the challenges posed by the Internet but also "remain firm on the ethical principles and values that are universally recognized as indispensable for the growth and evolution of all cultures. The Church, as the bearer of the Revelation of God, has the duty to communicate the Word and to encourage the use of the Internet for the common good, for the development of peace and justice in respect for personal dignity and in a spirit of solidarity. ... Internet is thus the areopagus of our times, the instrument for spreading the Christian message."

"Among the millions of people who navigate daily on the Internet," said Archbishop Foley, "many will be able to find a word of hope. ... Thus the Internet can be a new path to God," a way for the Church "to bring the Word of God to every place, to reach those living in solitude and who perhaps would never open the doors of their home."

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