Thursday, June 23, 2005

The "logismoi zone"

Sr Anne Joan (nunblog) gave a wonderful seminar to our community on the "Way of Humanity," a prayer written by Bl. James Alberione, our founder. Among the great ideas she offered, one of my favorites is what she calls the "logismoi zone." Logismoi is a Greek word that means false reasoning. It's used in the New Testament about the kinds of thoughts that bring us away from God, like when Peter said to Jesus that he shouldn't be talking about the cross.

I often fall into the "logismoi zone"--when I start looking at things without an attitude of faith. Sr Anne also talked about integrating the negative things in our lives. Instead, I often want to get rid of them, and that's when the "logismoi" start to buzz around in my head loud and clear. My natural reaction is to get rid of the negative things--for example, if someone annoys me, avoid that person. But that's logismoi. What if I went out of my way, instead, to look at that person as Christ, and even to praise God for that person? Faith is stepping out of the logismoi zone into the zone of praise and thanks.

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