Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pakistani police raid Daughters of St. Paul bookshop

We received a report that Pakistani police raided a Catholic bookstore in Karachi. The police confiscated about 150 CD's and videos.
The report said in part:

"The archdiocese owns the store, which the Daughters of St. Paul operate, reported UCA News, an Asian church news agency based in Thailand. The raid was conducted June 13, a day after the Urdu-language newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt ran a story alleging that Christians were selling CDs and videotapes about the lives of the prophets."

Our sisters in Pakistan face a big challenge evangelizing in a Muslim society. The state places certain restrictions on them (they are basically only allowed to evangelize other Christians, as it is forbidden to try and convert Muslims to Christianity.) Please join us in our prayers for them.


islandgirl808 said...

Hi, Sr. Lorraine,

Have you heard anything from the sisters in Pakistan or the general house about the raid?


Sr. Lorraine said...

No, we haven't heard direcctly from them, but got this story from a news service. We probably will get some news eventually and I'll post it later.

Moeen said...

I heard this incidence from the a very responible sister and I am afraid of this coz this may be life threathen to those who also work for chirstians in islamic society either they are muslims or non muslims who ever they are but it is dangerous in pakistan