Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pope Benedict's speeches

This news report says that Pope Benedict writes his own speeches. Apparently John Paul didn't write most of his, because he gave so many. But so far Benedict is doing his own.


Anonymous said...

The vicar general of our archdiocese has remarked that, in some ways, Benedict will be better than JP2, because JP2 would always read his speeches, while Benedict's homilies/speeches are so much simpler (while still profound), and even though he reads them, you don't get the impression quite as much that his nose is stuck in his papers.

Admittedly, only being 20, I don't remember those times, but seeing JP2 on old videos (such as of his visit to Canada), I can undertand what our bishop is getting at.

Sr. Lorraine said...

I've heard other people say they find Benedict easier to read than John Paul. In some ways he is, but in other ways I found John Paul easier. But JP's method of looking at everything from many points of view could be repetitious.