Thursday, June 02, 2005

The spelling bee

The national spelling bee is going on now, and reading about it brought back some memories. When I was in 7th grade I won the spelling bee for our school, and went on to a regional contest. My father was really excited about it and hoped I would win, even more than I did. He had me studying word lists and would quiz me every night. Well, I didn't win. I missed out on some word and that was the end of my national spelling bee hopes. Secretly, I felt relieved but I also felt like I had let him down. He was disappointed to see me go down to defeat, but it was OK--he still loved me and that's all that really counts. So now when I read about the spelling bees, it reminds me of that and how God loves us too, despite the ways we go down to defeat and disappointment. All that studying wasn't in vain, though, because it helped me get a good enough grasp of English that still helps me in my current editorial work.
You win some, you lose some. It's good for kids to experience defeat so they learn how to bounce back from it and keep on trying. Do you have any stories of defeats that turned out for the best?

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Sixtina87 said...

there is a kid from the Quad Cities area, 3 hrs from Chicago, that has been in the spelling bee every year I bblieve, he has also been in the paper alot too for it!!