Monday, June 27, 2005

St. Cyril of Alexandria

St. Cyril was a very human saint. He's best known for his role in opposing the heretic Nestorius, who claimed that in Christ there were two persons, divine and human. Cyril championed the orthodox teaching that Christ is one person, the divine person (the second person of the Trinity), with two natures, divine and human.
From Nestorius' error it follows that Mary is not the Mother of God. This was the point that Cyril hammered home until the Council of Ephesus in 431 proclaimed the dogma of Mary, Mother of God.
Cyril didn't mince his words to Nestorius. If it seems like we have arguments today, here's a few of Cyril's choice words to Nestorius:

"...warning you to dissociate yourself from the utterly mischievous and distorted doctrines you hold..."
"we cannot turn a blind eye to churches in utter turmoil, congregations scandalized, right faith nullified and flocks scattered by you who would have the duty of safeguarding them..."
"consistency demands that you anathematize your foul, unhallowed dogmas...."

Cyril didn't worry about being politically correct!

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