Friday, June 03, 2005

Ways to inner healing

A blog called "After Abortion" (about women recovering from abortion) has a discussion about inner healing. They quote Henry Cloud, author of How People Grow Workbook, who said:

"In Christian circles at the time I was beginning my training, there were basically four popular ways of thinking about personal growth.The sin model: All problems are a result of one's sin.The truth model: The truth of the Bible will set you free.The experiential model: Get to the pain in your life, and then somehow "get it out."The supernatural model: The Holy Spirit heals, sometimes instantly and sometimes gradually."

The blogger asks what value do you see in these models. I see value in all four models, and I also see them overlapping a bit. For example, the Holy Spirit heals by giving us grace to repent from sin, by leading us into the truth, and sometimes through painful experiences that involve suffering. Rather than seeing these as four separate models, I would see them as different parts of the same experience. Some people need to emphasize one or the other a bit more. But we all need to repent of sin, we all need to accept the truth, we all need to suffer something to grow, and we all need the grace of the Holy Spirit.
What's your take on this?


Paul N. said...

I'm a man, but I think the guilt is just the same. I was a supporter of, and party to, an abortion back in 1986. I was 22 and didn't think anything of it. Then I saw what it did to my girlfriend/wife. I came to realize just what occurred. And I still agonize over it.

I wasn't a church-goer at the time, and didn't give any consideration to the "rightness" or "wrongness" of what we were doing.

I have 4 children now, am back in the bosom of the Church, and still have trouble coming to terms with the one I offered up for murder.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Paul you bring up an important point. Project Rachel is for women who have had abortions, but I don't know if there's something for the men involved. I'll see if I can find anything and if so will post it.
Praise God that you're back in the Church! 1 John says, "The blood of his Son Jesus cleanses us from all sin." Once we've repented and are forgiven, we can still offer reparation for our sins, but God doesn't want us to be burdened by the guilt of them anymore. The blood of Christ takes it all away.

Annie said...

Hi, Paul, if you're still checking this thread, this is Annie from the After Abortion blog Sr. Lorraine mentioned in this post.

I was on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat and there were not one but three men on it with the rest of us women. I wrote about another man's experience (with his permission) here,

They would welcome you too, even if you weren't a practicing Catholic or Christian (one of the men on my retreat was Jewish, and whenever they spoke of Jesus, they substituted Yahweh for him, it was great!)

They have part of their website just for men, here: as I think Sr. Lorraine mentions in a later post above.

Come visit us at our blog, ...there are several men who are postabortive and others who took part in it (as escorts) who now regret it deeply. You'd find you really are not alone.

Stacy Massey said...

Men looking for addition to Rachel's Vineyard...

Check out these programs:
Run by Jason Baier - great man with a big heart and incredible vision.

Jim Pye, out of College Station Texas also has a men's program. His phone number is: 979-695-3193

Warren Williams - Fathers and Brothers, Inc.
Info on them can be found at:
He wrote the Missing Arrows curriculum - nicely organized.

SaveOne also has a new men's program.

Let me know how you all do... tell those above that you got their info from Stacy Massey at the Abortion Recovery International Network -