Thursday, July 14, 2005

An American Hiroshima?

The story on World Net Daily claims that Al-Quaida has already smuggled nuclear bombs into the US and is planning to coordinate an attack in which they will simultaneously explode in several cities, making 9/11 look like kindergarten stuff. Reportedly they're hoping to kill at least 4 million Americans in the attack.
I don't know if this is actually true or not, but it certainly would be a good idea to pray the rosary to avert more terrorism attacks and for peace in the world.
Some people just dismiss the possibility, saying it could never happen, just like before 9/11 people often didn't take terrorist threats seriously. Then after 9/11, the government convened the commission to look at why the threats were dismissed. If this nuclear threat is real, and it actually happens, it won't do much good to have a commission after the fact discussing how it could have been averted, if anyone's left to discuss anything.
What's your take on this?


EgOshAkE said...

There are things that the government could do to protect us, but they won't. Why not? Because it would not be p;oitically correct or sensitive to our Muslim neighbors. Mosque watching and racial profiling, decried by liberals, are some of the things that can help. They are here in this country, and they want to hurt us. They want to kill us. They are hiding in plain sight. We need to do extreme things to avert extreme damage on our people. There is noone in government that is brave enough to do what it takes to protect this country and its people. They are all too worried about offending people and civil liberties. What good are civil liberties if we are all dead? And if the terrorists succeed in their plans to wipe out parts of America, there will definitely be less people to offend.

Anonymous said...

Egoshake, I'm sorry but I think you are WRONG when you say, "There is noone in government that is brave enough to do what it takes to protect this country and its people."

Trust me, there are men and women out there doing everything they can (even to the point of "selling there souls"), just to protect someone like you.

EgOshAkE said...

Dearest Anonymous -

While there may be some that fall into the category you mention, many more, and unfortunately those in charge of this country, are more concerned with political success than taking unpopular positions that would actually protect this country and its people.

No idea if you will even see this, Anonymous, since you posted anonymously.