Friday, July 22, 2005

Bye, bye, secularism?

After the bombings in London, I saw a picture of a large group of young Muslim men in London praying outside in their neighborhood. It triggered some thoughts about secularism.
Modern Europe has pretty much eliminated Christianity from the public square and established secularism instead. So it's very ironic that religion is coming back with a vengeance, but in this case the religion is Islam. Secularists thought they had gotten rid of the--to them--evil demon of religion. But for various reasons the rise of Islam in Europe is a very real phenomenon. Right now, Mohammed is the most popular name for newborns in Europe. And when the Islamic population reaches a critical mass, they will not want to live in a secular society but in a religious one, that is, an Islamic one.

I don't know how this will all play out, the bombings in London now are only the beginning. Think about the irony, though, that in England for many years after the Reformation it was illegal to be a Catholic. Catholics were persecuted and had no freedom of religion. What would those Englishmen have thought if they had known that their descendants would be living in an Islamic country?


Jack Bennett said...

I think that in a 100 years from now all of Western Europe will be majority Islamic - they just have numbers, birth rates and demography on their side. I wonder how the present day "secular" appeasers to terrorism like Zapatero in Spain and Chirac in France will feel knowing their descendants might live under sharia law?

Anonymous said...

according to a study in the year 2020 (i believe), there will be a population explosion in the middle east (majority in ages 14 to 19). and because of it, the kingdom of saudi arabia will collapse....imagine if most of them becomes muslim extremists????

xaipe said...

I think the real challenge is for each of us to live the Gospel more faithfully and fully, so that we will be genuine witnesses to Jesus in such a world. In my more pessimistic moments, I really think we are watching the end of Western Civilization and the dawning of a time of social chaos. And I must confess, a good bit of my prayer is focused on preparing myself to witness to Jesus under such conditions as would likely prevail.

Anonymous Deacon said...

Islam will not only grow in Europe but in America too. The black and white "truths" of fundamentalism satisfy most when and where truth has been lost.

It upsets me when I see Christians having always to be right, fighting and insuting one another over doctrine and dogma. I hardly can bear it when the pharisees of our age align their religion with their politics, and then call it "faith." Yet who is to blame when truth has been lost?

I want to look beyond all the scraping and scratching-out attempts to find the "orthodoxy," or the fundamental black/white truth. However, I'm weak and constantly tempted. My innermost friend tells me, "there's no need to be right", and something deep inside urges me onward.

I have no need to apologize to anyone. I am Catholic and I wear it in my heart. Outwardly I live like a believer. I refuse to argue, debate, or prove anything. I want to live and love. I have truth: Christ lives resurrected here within my swelling lungs - a glowing love - a shared Sacred Heart.

Maybe someday my decendents will bow to the east just as my English ancestors genuflected toward the Blessed Sacrament. I hope not, but I can do nothing about what will be. It is not in my hands. I have no power on this earth. Mine is only to rejoice in what I have.

I rejoice greatly!