Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Go to Joseph!"

In these days the first reading at Mass is from Genesis, and currently the story is about Joseph and his brothers. Catholics have always seen this Joseph as a "type" or kind of forerunner of St. Joseph. One small connection is that both their fathers were named Jacob.
During the famine in Egypt, people were told "Go to Joseph!" He was a wise man who knew how to provide for his people. In a similar way, St. Joseph provided for Jesus and Mary, and so has become known as the saint of divine Providence. For people who have special needs for material goods, Joseph is still a great provider.
Fr. Alberione, our founder, had a great devotion to Joseph and we carry on that tradition. Joseph helps out in unexpected ways. A few weeks ago, one of the sisters who was out on an errand happened to bump into a man who knew us from somewhere. He told her that a nearby warehouse that was closing down was giving away their stock to local charities. So we went and were able to pick up some supplies. It was a big help and we took it as an answer to our prayers to St. Joseph.

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