Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The prodigal sower

The parable of the sower is in the Mass readings these days. I was reading a commentary by Fr. Harrington, SJ, and he made a good point about the sower. The sower sowed the seed in some places that seemed quite unlikely: the path, the brambles, the rocky ground. Is there any point to this? Father didn't go into it too much, but it got me thinking.
Maybe it's meant to indicate God's lavish way of bestowing graces on us. He gives grace everywhere, to all of us, even when it seems like he's just wasting it. Why throw seed on a thorn patch? Why lavish graces on sinners? Yet, God does it. He's always giving us a chance, even when we seem to not want it and are more likely to reject it than accept it.
The prodigal sower is a good figure for the God who gives and gives, and--let's be honest--gets very little response in return.


Robin L. in TX said...

Yes, that is exactly what strikes me when I hear this parable. That and the fact that God grants me the same graces that He offered to the great Saints, the only difference is how I respond to those graces, as well as the different purposes God has for each of our lives.

Combined with Mary's response to St. Catherine about her fingers without rays symbolizing all the graces that no one asks for, the Parable of the Sower and the Seed is certainly right up there with the Father inviting everyone to the banquet right after they killed His Son in John. (I know there is a chapter division betweeen these two parables, but there were no Chapters originally.)

Talk about the greatest love story ever!

In Christ's peace and joy,

Robin L. in TX

Karen - Missouri said...

It's amazing that God can love us so much, even when we don't love Him in return.

I made a startling realization one day while looking at the beautiful flower on a weed that was growing between concrete: I picked the flower and brought it closely to my eyes. I then realized that it shimmered with sparkles and that God had made that tiny flower just for me, just for my pleasure, because no one else would get to see its beauty. That thought made tears come to my eyes.

How great Thou art!

Anonymous said...

Great story Karen. I will keep it in mind when I come upon something that was made "just for me."

And you are so right Sister Lorraine - that God gives and gives with such little response from us.