Monday, July 18, 2005

Statue of Mary desecrated in New York

A mentally unstable man desecrated a statue of Mary and St. Anne, and in the shootout that followed wounded some police officers. This happened in Queens Village, NY, which is just over the county line from Elmont, where I grew up.
A few years ago on Long Island a priest was shot while celebrating Mass. It was covered in the local media, but not too much was made over it.
In both cases, the perpetrator was obviously deranged. But somehow, the fact that their derangement centered on hatred of Catholicism was not an issue. I can't help but wonder if the media would treat these incidents differently if another religion were involved.


Joanne said...

I couldn't help noticing that Newsday had it on the cover of their print/city edition, but sort of buried the story on their website. I had to click in three levels or so to read it. I live on LI. I tell Newsday sales people point blank that I will not subscribe until they provide balanced coverage of Catholic issues.

They are out for Bishop Murphy in a big way, and have gotten quite ugly in some of their coverage. Our rectory cancelled its subscription and urged parishoners to do the same.

laurathecrazymama said...

How horrible and sad. I can just picture the image of the statues all shot up and the effect on the people who walk by. I would think about how our Church is being "shot up" by people who don't understand it and don't have the patience to try. I am not hopeless, however, I really though about this and I think that if we pray for that individual and his conversion, THAT kind of thing will heal us all!