Wednesday, July 27, 2005

word spreading about St. Blog's

This week the Our Sunday Visitor newspaper has an extensive article on the world of Catholic blogs. It gives a good overview of what's going on in the Catholic corner of the blogosphere. The article made the point that blogs can have different effects: on the one hand, they're a decentralizing force that can keep individuals isolated and focused only on their own points of view; and on the other hand, they can build virtual communities and draw people together.
The bonds created on blogs are rather unique. People can be anonymous and faceless, yet they can draw people together in a common interest and love for the faith. It can make people feel they're not alone in practicing their faith in a secular world. It would be great to hear how you feel about blogs and what you get out of them.


Moneybags said...

I'd love to read this article. I feel that blogs are a great way to spread Christ's teachings and talk about the faith with people from all corners of the map. We can express our opinions and still grow in God's love. That is precisely why I am currently writing a book and that is also why I created my blog.

RAP said...

I visit certain blogs every day. Rarely do I leave a comment. I just like hanging around in a Catholic area of cyberspace. It supports and nourishes my faith to know there are other deeply commited Catholics out there. The Catholic blogs also give me ideas for my ministry,director of religious education in my parish.

My favorite blogs are actually those that don't post too many items and that don't have tons of comments.

I like this blog for those reasons, and also because you are so genuine and insightful.

Saint Peter's helpers said...

The weblog phenomena has opened wide the doors to Christ - just as you've done Sister. I think it's definitely made an impact on faith communities. Interactive journeys of faith, spiritual formation, even theological engagements are much more available to us by way of blogging. The benefits are yet to be measured from the fruits of their labor. I pray Catholic blogs will bear much fruit for the greater glory of God.