Monday, August 15, 2005

Abortion pill controversy

The deaths of four women who took the abortion pill are being investigated as the above news story notes. If you read the story you will see there is a certain protocol for taking the drug. The Massachusetts legislature recently passed a bill that would allow some pharmacists to dispense this drug without a prescription. Governor Romney vetoed it.
Is this how the abortion industry treats the health of women? To allow a dangerous drug--one that is being investigated as the cause of death for some women--to be given without a prescription?

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Moneybags said...

I'm very thankful for the Governor's veto and I hope that this abortion drug will soon by taken off the market. It has only harmed the women that take it. These activists figthing for contraception, though, are indirectly harming others health. The same can be said of the pro-choice community, but some may not see that these people always are fighting for the choice not to be an informed one. I just read not long ago that Minnesota has passed an Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act (I believe in 2004), which is definitely a great thing. I believe it has stopped about 2000 abortions.

I continue to pray for the unborn everyday in my daily Rosary. I hope others will do the same. I started a feature on one Catholic Forum where those participating add their prayer intentions for the Rosary as long as they will pray for all the other intentions too. It is working out very well. If anyone here has intentions for me to add let me know or if you would like to pray along I'll post the url.