Monday, August 15, 2005

The Assumption--a feast of reunions

This morning I was looking at an icon of the Assumption outside our chapel. It shows Mary embracing Jesus in heaven, and it made me think that Mary's Assumption into heaven must have been the greatest reunion of all time.
Ironically, today I got a letter from an aunt whom I probably haven't seen in about 20 years. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear from her. Someone life just keeps us busy and we go our separate ways, so our paths don't cross for a long time. She contacted me because she came across a message I had left on a World War II site almost 3 years ago when I was looking up information about my father's experiences in the war. After I posted that, someone kindly sent me a list of the missions my father had flown in Europe. That's when I found out he had bombed Rome, besides about 20 other cities! He also spent about a year and a half in a prisoner of war camp in Germany, Stalag Luft One. He was blown out of the plane when it got hit by German fire that opened a large hole. The plane didn't go down, though, and made it back to base.

All this had made me think about my family a little more and relatives that I haven't seen in a while. These kinds of reunions are just preludes to the great reunion that awaits us in heaven, when we will be reunited with Jesus and Mary and the saints, and the other people we've known in our lives.

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