Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Catholic Recycle

I found this link to a site called Catholic Recycle from the blog "A Catholic Life." It looks like a sort of Craig's list for Catholics. If you haven't been to Craig's list, it's an online place where people can give things away and get things too, for free or to sell. It's a great idea, to get things from the people who want to give them away to those who need them.
It seems that Catholic Recycle isn't widely known yet so there's not a lot on the site, but maybe in time it will grow and be a useful place to give and get Catholic items.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sr. Lorraine,

I'm Teilhard, the host of Catholic Recycle. Thanks so much for mentioning my forum on your blog. I haven't had time to promote the forum, but I'm going to keep it active. The momentum might build by word of mouth. I have a similar site on Yahoo Groups. Here's the link: