Monday, August 15, 2005


As always, the experience of the Courage Conference was truly wonderful. We recorded and duplicated on-the-spot 15 talks, including the keynote presentations and some of the workshops that were given. The people purchased quite a few of them, along with many books and other AV's.
I am always so edified and impressed by the Courage members. They are really going against the current today, in a society that thinks nothing of people indulging in any kind of sexual behavior they want. The Courage members are trying their best to live a chaste life according to the teachings of the Church. They're real heroes.
What struck me too is that they're happy people. They have their crosses to bear and struggles to deal with, like all of us do. But they radiate a certain peace and happiness, the kind that comes from living a good life. In the next few days I'll blog more about some particular things from the conference.

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