Monday, August 15, 2005

How little choices can have major effects

On the post below I wrote about my father getting blown out of his plane during World War II. The ironic part of it is that he never wore his parachute--except on that flight. For some reason, he put it on that day and it saved his life.

It might seem like such a little decision--to wear a parachute or not, like wearing a seat belt or not. Most of the time the choice might be incidental. How many times we wear them and nothing happens, so it really didn't make any difference. But that day for my dad, his decision to put on the parachute was a life or death decision. Of course he didn't know that at the time. But it was. And it had so many consequences. If he had died then, me and my brothers and sisters would never have been born. My mother's life would have been very different. But the reality is that I'm sitting here typing this today because on Dec. 11, 1943, my dad put on a parachute.

On earth we can never know all the consequences of the decisions that we make. But every time we make a decision to do something evil, something sinful, bad consequences follow. On the other hand, every time we make a decision to do something good, to do some act of charity or some other virtuous thing, good consequences follow. Some of those choices might seem so little, but in reality they could be a life or death decision for someone. We may never know on earth what those consequences are. But at the final judgment we'll see our whole life in the wider scheme of things, and how everything we do has ripple effects of good or evil.

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RAP said...

I tend not to think of what I'm doing during the routine moments of my day. This post gives me pause to reflect on the importance of every moment and that little decisions count. Thank you for inspiring me to consider the consequences of my actions, no matter how great or small.