Monday, August 22, 2005

Nuts to cancer!

In December 2004, a team of scientists at Purdue University led by Qing Jiang released the results of a study on Vitamin E and cancer. They showed that human cancer cells—from both prostate and lung cancers—were prevented from spreading by gamma-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E. Jiang said, “This is the first time gamma-tocopherol has been shown to induce death in lab-grown human cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone."
Vitamin E has several forms, with the gamma form being one of them. However, most supplements contain the alpha form. The gamma form is found abundantly in nuts, especially walnuts and pecans. So eating nuts may be a good way of avoiding some types of cancer.

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Terri said...

Actually, there are eight members of the vitamin E family. When we consider that God saw fit to put them together in our foods, it seems like a bad idea to seperate them and place emphasis on only one member.

Initially, the research in years past had shown just the activity of alpha-tocopherol. And, if you have an evolutionary concept of science, you are ready to see things as useless - like the other members of the vitamin E family. In fact, new research suppports the usefulness of all the vitamin E members, and has shown them to be working synergistically with each other, and with other vitamins as well. So, do eat nuts, and whole grains! And, find a natural vitamin E supplement that has all eight members of the family.