Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My visit with Sylvia

Over the weekend when I was in NY I happened to meet an older lady named Sylvia. She lives next door to the friend I was staying with.
Sylvia was a real character--very typically New York--and wanted to show me all around her house. It's like a museum--lots of interesting things! Just by observing some of the signs on her walls (like "Bush Lies," "I vote pro-choice," etc.) it was obvious what her political views are. She pointed to the pro-choice sign and just said, "I know you don't agree with that!" She didn't want to argue the subject, but I was happy that she knew I would be opposed to abortion just because I'm a nun.
After the tour she showed me a picture of her daughter who went to Asia to adopt a little girl. Sylvia then said that her daughter wanted to adopt an American child but it's too hard because there are so few available. She didn't seem to make a connection between all the abortions we have and how hard it is to adopt because there aren't enough children.
I was glad I met Sylvia because she is a charming old lady. It also gave me an insight into why some people support abortion. While I totally abhor their views, they are people too whom Jesus came to save. I don't understand how they could support abortion if they realized what it really is. Perhaps in some way God in time will touch their hearts to see the truth about life. In the meantime I can pray for Sylvia and everyone like her.

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Moneybags said...

I admire your patience. I fear I might just argue with her over it. When I read a book by John Michael Talbot he also wrote about a time he had taken a plane ride and ended up sitting next to a few people going to a pro-choice rally. However, we kept his patience and kept a conversation nonetheless on abortion with discontent.

The most important resource we have is to the pray. Prayer is the key to Christ's heart, and through His Heart all good things are done. Trust Him; that's the most important.