Friday, September 16, 2005

The virtue of chastity

This morning the news carried a story about the results of a new survey on young people and sexual activity. It showed what you might expect--that it's on the increase and certain types of activity that used to be considered on the fringe are getting more mainstream.
I remember once reading something by the English writer Ronald Knox who said that chastity, as a virtue, is something to be proud of. He said it should be like a parade going down the street. Today, instead, it's the other way around.
But it's worthwhile to think about chastity as a virtue, as something that ennobles human life. It's a way of valuing God's gift of sexuality by using it the way God intended--in marriage. Chastity brings an inner freedom and a joy that is never found in promiscuity and casual "hookups." Chastity values the dignity of each human person by acknowledging their value as persons, never as objects to be used.
The virtue of chastity--pray for it, value it, practice it, teach it.

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