Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dead zone in ocean

Someone recently told me about this phenomenon that's going on in the ocean. It involves a large "dead zone" where marine life is dying. There's a large area in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida.
I don't know what the cause is; some claim it's from pollution, but possibly it's part of the cycle of nature. Another possibility is warming of the ocean. Recently I was reading an interesting theory about that, namely, that underwater volcanic activity is responsible for warming the ocean. Well, last year's tsunami certainly showed that there's volcanic activity in the ocean.
Despite all our technological achievements, when it comes to nature, there are forces that we can't control. Ultimately God is in control.

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xaipe said...

Actually, there is a huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, and it has been recognized as a factor (pre-Katrina) in the shrimp harvests. Much of the problem in the Gulf stems from the flow from the Mississippi River: all the fertilizer from the farmlands all the way up the river eventually flows into the Gulf, leading to algae blooms that suck the oxygen out of the water (dead zone), so that the usual marine life cannot survive in that area. It is an enormous problem, and very much related to polution. At the Gulf, of course, it also connects with the loss of barrier lands when the coastal plants die and the Gulf eats up more and more coastland, leaving greater areas of the interior more vulnerable to hurricane destruction.