Monday, October 03, 2005

A few typical days in the convent

Our local superior left for her vacation until next Sunday, and while she's gone I'm the "contact person." It hasn't been that bad, but if strange things happen, it's always when the superior's gone. The first thing was the power outage on Thursday afternoon. We had a very bad windstorm, and around 2 PM the electricity went out. Of course, one of the sisters was stuck in the elevator. Luckily, our maintenance man was still here so he got her out.
Friday wasn't bad--just an ordinary day, thankfully. Saturday was pretty good too. I kept getting beeped for little things, but nothing major. In the afternoon I was working in the garden a little. I got beeped that the relatives of one of the sisters had arrived--I didn't know they were coming! She was at the hospital for dialysis so they just had to wait until she got home. In the evening one of the older sisters told me she didn't have her medication---in the end she really did.
The phone operator called to say she couldn't come in Monday or Tuesday, so I had to find replacements. Then on Monday morning I got a call from one of the sisters that the battery had died in one of the cars. A typical Monday morning...


xaipe said...

Here's a non-typical convent day, coming our way on Sunday: Sr. Helen is running in the Chicago Marathon!!!
I get to go Friday to pick up her number and her shoe chip, plus all the free stuff that various corporate sponsors give to the runners. (Sr. Helen knows how much I love freebies.)
Speaking of freebies, today on our corner, marketers were giving away soft drinks and granola bars.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you two are soooo funny!!!! A typical day!?!?!?!? I dont think so!!!! but i foudn it funny about Sister getting stuck in the elevator, who was the lucky one!?!?!?!?!? Who was the one with the dead car battery!?!?!?!? I also find it very funny that Sister loves freebies, I'll keep her in mind next time i find soemthing free!!!!! i will be ain dekalb this weekend, the PBM is an hour away, I thought about stopping over, I want to get a CD!!!! Not sure which one, but i have to see if it is okay with the 2 Sisters i'll be with and helping out!!!!