Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Great book!

Last night I read about a third of the new book by George Wiegel. It's a great book! The first part of it is like a sequel to Witness to Hope, his biography of Pope John Paul. It covers the last part of John Paul's pontificate and especially his last days and final illness. It was truly extraordinary to live through that time. Many people, including myself, felt bereft, like we had lost a dearly beloved father. John Paul was so focused on the person that he was able to somehow forge a personal bond with millions of people, many of whom never met him. He was truly a charismatic leader.
One point that impressed me is that Pope John Paul wanted the church to fully be what Jesus meant it to be: an evangelical community of witnesses who proclaim the Gospel. That's what the Church is fundamentally all about. It's made me reflect on the way I attempt to do that in my own vocation, and ways to do it better.

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