Monday, October 10, 2005

More "typical" events

Today our local superior came back, so I'm no longer the "contact person." That's a great relief! Over the weekend the fire alarm went off at 2:38 AM Sunday morning, due to heavy rains. Water leaked into one of the smoke detectors and set it off. Two fire trucks came very quickly, so I brought them to the panel and they found out the problem. When I called the alarm service company, I got a recorded message. That was strange because they are supposed to have a 24 /7 live answering service. So I left a message and went back to bed. About half an hour later it went off again. I got up and one of the sisters told me "there's a man outside with a flashlight trying to get in." Turned out that he was from the alarm company. The fire department had called them in the meantime. He detached the faulty alarm and by the time he left it was 4:33 AM.

Then this morning I got a call that one of the sisters got stuck with a car in Sullivan Square, right in the rotary. The car died, or at least it wouldn't start. Smoke was coming out of it! It was also raining. A couple of men tried to help her but they couldn't get it started so I had to call AAA and go out to pick her up. On my way there I got a beep that our phone operator was calling in sick again....

Well, now I can get back to editing.

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xaipe said...

What a day!!!!! Where do you get the wisdom for it?