Friday, October 28, 2005

Pope Benedict speaks to the Pauline Family

On October 1 Pope Benedict met with some Paulines in Rome. Part of what he said:

"Gospel proclamation through the modern media...primarily requires, in addition to the necssary and proper professional training, a firm attachment to the divine Teacher. Ever aware of the importance of this ascetical and spiritual requirement, it was your Founder [Fr. Alberione] who, for this very reason, placed the Eucharist, with listening to the Word and a deeply prayerful spirit, at the very heart of every institution and house of your Institute. In love with God as he was, Fr Alberione asked his disciples, priests and lay people to cultivate a vigorous inner life, rich in balance and discernment."

What really struck me here was his emphasis on listening to the Word. Fr. Alberione saw the Visit before the Blessed Sacrament as a special time to converse with the Lord, to hear what he is saying and take it to heart.

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Robin L. in TX said...

It is one thing to know that He is present, but it is another entirely to listen to Him, especially if what He is telling us is contrary to our will...