Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pope Benedict to the Pauline Family

In a recent address, the Pope spoke to some members of the Pauline Family. He said in part,

"Enamored of God as Don Alberione was, he asked his disciples, priests and lay people to cultivate a robust interior life, rich in balance and discernment," the Pope recalled."To all he presented the Apostle Paul as model, who in the Areopagus of Athens, led by the Holy Spirit, was able to adapt his proclamation to the cultural context in which he found himself, but at the same time he did not cease to present with courageous frankness the absolute novelty that is Christ," added the Holy Father."May each one of you make his own the spirit and style that characterized the Apostle of the Gentiles, updating the missionary endeavor in our postmodern age, […] sharing with the Successor of Peter and the pastors of the particular Churches the incessant yearning to make the Redeemer's salvific message reach the hearts of so many of our contemporaries," Benedict XVI concluded.

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